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Creative Nature Playschool
Program Highlights
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Eco-Healthy Child Care

Eco-Healthy Certified Child Care Program

At Creative Nature Playschool we are committed to providing the best possible environment for our Playschoolers, that's why we are proud to support and participate in the Eco-Healthy Child Care Program through the Children's Environmental Health Network. This Certification program recognizes providers who use the least toxic, most sustainable practices. At CNP we use plant based cleaning products and zero pesticides. For more information go to their website found HERE.


Nature Explore Classroom

1 of only 36 locations certified in the State!

The Nature Explore Classroom Certification is a national program that recognizes schools and other organizations that have made a commitment to using the natural world as an integral part of learning. Through this process CNP has developed over 20 outdoor learning centers for our Playschoolers.  Our CNP program is held completely outdoors, with the exception of restroom use, your child will have fun exploring the outdoors everyday! Click HERE to see our site.

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Outdoor Classroom Project Demonstration Site

The first OCP Demonstration site in Northern CA

Creative Nature Playschool is passionate about environmental education and outdoor nature play therefore we, Scott and Brandy, became Outdoor Classroom Specialists, a training certified through The Outdoor Classroom Project as well as were audited, observed, and completed the OCP Demonstration Site certification; becoming the first OCP Demonstration site in Northern CA and joined only 65 other certified school sites in California. Click HERE to see our site.

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CNP Newslette Sample

Emails, Photos, and Newsletters

CNP Daily Emails

& 30+ Daily Photos

At Creative Nature Playschool we understand that parents want to know how their Playschooler's day was; so at CNP we email parents a daily report that includes meals/snacks served, child's mood, restroom use, academic play notes, and more. Staff at CNP utilize their very own CNP Tracker App, created by an amazing parent and CSUS team, to track your child's daily activities. In addition to these communication strategies CNP also sends monthly newsletters highlighting our focus for Academic Play and Environmental Play and we have a private Rallyhood page in which we post daily recaps and photos.


Certified Butterfly Garden

Nationally Certified Northern American Butterfly Garden!

Creative Nature Playschool knows that our pollinators are important and has put an emphasis on using the best practices possible for both our Playschoolers and nature's critters. This is why CNP has also become a certified Butterfly Garden through the Northern American Butterfly Association. With ample plants, trees, and flowers in our outdoor Nature Explore Certified classroom our Playschoolers see many forms of pollinators!

Small Class Ratio

Monday - Friday

Creative Nature Playschool offers ONLY 12 Playschooler spaces daily, Monday through Friday  from 9am-12pm. Please note we only offer four extended care spaces daily and at this time we have paused offering extended hour care. Due to high demand we have limited availably for personalized schedules. With a small class ratio (1:6), a beautiful nature based environment, and an in-home location your Playschooler will feel safe and loved growing at CNP! Visit our enrollment page for tuition and enrollment details.


Snacks & Meals Included

Organic and

NON-GMO meals served!

At Creative Nature Playschool we strive to provide the very best for our Playschoolers and that includes good nutrition! All snacks and meals served at Creative Nature Playschool are healthy and nutritious. We only serve Organic and Non-GMO foods and offer simple vegetarian options as well. We want the very best for your Playschooler, both outside and inside. If your Playschooler has a special diet feel free to supplement our nutritious meals with other alternatives.


Outdoor Nature Play Everyday!

Nationally Certified Nature Explore Classroom!

At Creative Nature Playschool we are a completely outdoor program where we are outside every day on a third of an acre; rain or shine! Playschoolers explore, craft time, play, eat meals, hold academic play, and nap/quiet time all outdoors. Unlike other programs that include hours in front of the TV or limited time outside, Creative Nature Playschool strives for the opposite. We encourage children to explore their natural surroundings with all their senses and we like to get DIRTY! At CNP there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!


Environmental Education

Nature Based Early Childhood Curriculum

Growing Up WILD and Woodsy Owl ABCs Preschool Supplement curriculum are early childhood education curriculum that build upon children's sense of wonder about nature and invites them to explore wildlife and the natural world around them. These programs as well as CNP created educational curriculum provide an early foundation for developing positive impressions and lifelong social and academic skills. At CNP we also love to follow our Playschooler's interests and often have them vote on new subjects or ideas.

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