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Creative Nature Project

CNP provides an all year, all outdoor educational experience. Children learn to become strong and self sufficient through hands on experiences in nature. Kindergarten readiness is incorporated through nature based games, story / circle times, arts & STEM projects. CNP offers a curriculum rich in direct experience with Nature that nurtures a sense of community and belonging among children. Drawing on a deep understanding and continuous exploration of child development, we provide a foundation of respect for the unique developmental process and growth of each child. Rooted in the work of early childhood theorists like Dewey, Piaget, and Vygotsky, emergent curriculum is a process where teachers plan activities and projects in response to a specific group of children they are working with, taking into account their skills, needs, and interests. It can be practiced at any grade level. Place-based education connects learners to their local human and natural communities, using hands-on, relevant, real-world learning. CNP offers an in home childcare program Mondays & Wednesdays and an off

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